Developing research programs aimed at applying the results in the production area; spreading the most advanced technologies in companies, including through the activities of the Technopole, as a incitement to innovation and internationalization; developing projects funded with community programming funds; carring out experimental doctoral programs in collaboration with companies. These are the areas of the five-year Agreement, signed on 25th September in the Chamber of Commerce by the president, Paolo Govoni, and by the Rector of the University of Ferrara, Giorgio Zauli, with the aims, among others, to foster the encounter between students and the business world, and to develop as much as possible the human capital of companies dedicated to research.

“The agreement – stressed the president of the Chamber of Commerce – is a fundamental tool for understanding the state of relations between the world of the university and the world of companies that for years have been committed to creating, not without difficulty, increasingly structured partnerships. Promoting this dialogue – continued Govoni – means fostering the employability of our university system: in over 30% of cases many companies in Ferrara do not find the right graduates and many graduates do not find work, also because many students often know the company only at the end of their journey. We must offer them the right tools and the Agreement will help us understand how”.

“In our experience – highlighted Zauli – the partnership is a strategic investment for Universities and companies because it activates a circularity of knowledge and potential that is good for all the players involved. The Ferrara area is already home to consolidated collaborations but this exchange of knowledge and experience must be continually fed, to keep pace with the evolution of the skills required by the labor market and to bring to businesses an innovation contribution. In this logic – concluded the Rector of the University of Este – the Agreement with the Chamber of Commerce will provide visibility to good practices and propose digital, networking and work tools that will help to enhance and make these collaborations easier to implement”.

Partner of the agreement the trade associations, which will be a valid support in the collaboration in particular for the aspects of technical, scientific, organizational, managerial nature of the activities related to research, technology transfer and the promotion of new entrepreneurial activities. Furthermore, the associations will provide their contribution to the identification of training courses for the establishment of vocational courses, masters, internships, internships, theses, etc., aimed at training qualified professionals who are consistent with the needs of businesses, also for maintaining adequate employment levels.

For the realization of the activities covered by the agreement, a Joint Coordination Committee will be set up, composed of representatives of the Parties, with the task of promoting, evaluating and monitoring the proposals and activities to be carried out annually, the development of which can be entrusted to individual ‘Work Groups’ composed of experts according to the required skills.