Ferrara Techopole was one of the exhibitors of the 2019 edition of MakerFaire in Rome, the largest European event dedicated to the world of new technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence.

The MechLav Lab of the University of Ferrara has presented two projects on robotics: one, financed by the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara, is called “Diamante: Diagnostics 4.0 and E-Maintenance” and is realized in collaboration with Unicom. It involves the use of industrial robotics designed by the researchers of the MechLav Lab for quality control of production, monitoring and diagnostics of the product, in this case gear reducers.

The other project, funded by the EU under Horizon2020, sees our University participate together with other Italian and international partners in a trial on the use of robotics in the operating room for laparoscopic interventions.

In addition, researchers Marcello Bonfé and Alessio Sozzi of the Department of Engineering of the University of Ferrara will be the protagonists of a speech on Sunday morning and of two poster sessions within the Congress of the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines (I-RIM) that will held during the fair.