The film “Beautiful Things” was filmed in 2017, one of the main location was the Anechoic Chamber of Ferrara Technopole.
After being selected for the Venice Biennale as part of the “College” project and touring the world in festivals on various continents, collecting numerous awards, it finally arrives in Italian cinemas. Given the involvement of our location, on 8 May at 14.30 the film has been presented inside the Chamber by the director Giorgio Ferrero together with his staff, through a musical performance and press conference, in collaboration with Francesco Pompoli, researcher of the MechLav, and cellist Luisella Ghirello (Ferrara Conservatory). The performance and its replay at 5pm were much appreciated by the audience: students and also external people who came for the occasion, in total around 100 persons.

The film was then screened in the evening at the Cinema Boldini; viewers then had the opportunity to visit the Anechoic Chamber on May 10th at 5pm by presenting themselves with the cinema ticket.