Ferrara Technopole is one of the access points to the whole regional innovation system.

Our main tasks are:

  • Welcome Office and contact point to entrepreneurs in order to understand their needs address them to the right research group / competences
  • Provision of skills, facilities and resources of the Technopole to the business sector
  • Finding scientific partners to develop European projects and new start-ups
  • Applied research: collaborative research or commissioned research
  • Availability of infrastructures, equipment, certification and audit tests, scientific validations
  • Organization of seminars, conferences, round tables, workshops, visits for entrepreneurs and investors, hosting delegations, B2B meeting, participation to sector fairs
  • Organization of training courses also tailored made, for enterprises’ needs, on specific topics
  • Identification of funding opportunities for driven enterprises
  • Development of new contacts between the University and the companies for technological transfer projects
  • Innovative collaboration activities and projects (also EU funded) between our Labs and enterprises
  • Scouting and mapping of our available research and technologies and problem solving
  • Patents analysis and licensing
  • Access to incubators, support to start-ups and new companies